Sep 15, 2017

Pearls and Irritations provides the following links for weekend reading.

The true cost of keeping the Liddell power plant open – The Conversation (Frank Jotzo)   ‘It is the worst of all worlds;  a market-based system but with extensive and unpredictable intervention by governments that undermines investor confidence.’

AGL calls coalition bluff on Liddell – RenewEconomy (Giles Parkinson)  ‘Ageing coal plants like Liddell do not fit the bill of fast and flexible capacity’.

Confederate statues and US Memory – New York Times International Edition (Roger Cohen)   ‘Trump represents a backlash against the challenge to the White mindset about the civil war and race.’

The Statue Wars in the US – Inside Story   Frank Bongiorno says ‘Australia’s statue wars are not so much over what happened on the frontier as about how that past should be represented in public commemoration and what kind of recognition, if any, monuments erected by settler society should give to indigenous perspectives and experience.’

 Tax Cuts for the rich don’t help the rest – Guardian (Greg Jericho) 

American Imperium – Harpers (AJ Bacevich)   Author and US academic Andrew J Bacevich writes about untangling truth and fiction in an age of perpetual US wars.

The coal club can huff and puff but it’s too late to blow the renewable house down – Guardian (Peter Lewis)  ‘The message from the public is clear;  they just want the government to take control of our energy market that has ceased to serve their interests.’

The Japanese royal family resists war revisionism – John Menadue [Repost]  Perhaps surprisingly, the Japanese royal family is holding the line against the ultra nationalism of the Abe government.

Tony Burke speech in parliament on citizenship legislation (You tube). Let’s hope that the proposed citizenship changes stay buried. But as long as Peter Dutton is Minister, it is likely that we will see more of these nasty policy ideas.



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