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Nov 18, 2017

Trumps attack on the media and truth are disturbing, says Joseph Stiglitz (the Guardian)

Paul Keating warns that, without imagination, the economy is lost. (Mark Kenny – the Canberra Times)

Writing in the Canberra Times last weekend, Crispin Hull reminds us of the history of upheaveals – from the French Revolution to the recent support for far-right populists – when “the wealthy elites fail to pay a reasonable share of taxes so that the broad mass of society gets decent education, health and housing.”.  Capitalism must be saved from its own self-destructive forces.

Qld Labor ups the ante on renewables, with more ambition and new technology, writes Giles Parkinson in RenewEconomy

The citizenship crisis has shown Turnbull in his usual, dreadful form, says Jack Waterford in the Canberra Times.

Last Saturday, 11 November, we published on Pearls and Irritations Douglas Newton’s contribution “Armistice Day – narrow nationalist naiveties and voodoo vindications of war”. On the same day, on Geraldine Doogue’s Saturday Extra, writer and broadcaster Jeff Sparrow recounted the sordid reality of the Dardanelles campaign: it wasn’t about securing freedom or any other noble goal. Rather its goal was to hand over that territory to Czarist Russia, at that time the “most oppressive regime in the entire world”.

Also, lest we forget, 11 November was the anniversary of the dismissal of the Whitlam Government. Christopher Pollard outlines “five facts” about the dismissal. He reveals extraordinary breaches of the Australian Constitution and of parliamentary conventions by those determined to destroy the Whitlam Government.

Adam Shatz in the London Review of Books writes on the “bomb power” of the US presidents

Ross Gittins explains that something has gone badly wrong with teaching.

Catherine Pepinster in her new book, The Keys and the Kingdom reveals that a British diplomat hosted a party of cardinals from Africa, Asia and the Caribbean to support the Bishop of Buenos Aires who would later become Pope. Cardinal Pell was not invited. She is interviewed on the ABC’s Religion and Ethics Report

Jim Molan is in line to take a NSW Senate vacancy.  He was very active in the Abbott government’s asylum turn-back policy. In 2004 he supervised The Coalition attack on Fallujah in Iraq. See link to earlier post of John Menadue

Tamie Fraser tweets a challenge to Peter Dutton over Manus Island

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