We need more independents to check “power hungry” political parties

Aug 10, 2021

Ian Macphee, speaking to the Voices of Goldstein in a meeting to plan the ousting of Tim Wilson MP the current Goldstein representative, expressed the need for more independents in the Australian Senate and House of Representatives to check the implementation of dodgy policies by “power-hungry” government MPs.

Macphee was the first ever elected representative for the electorate of Goldstein, 1974-1990, and was the former Liberal Immigration Minister in the Fraser Government.

“I am sorry I can’t join you tonight.” Macphee began “I wanted to send my best wishes and say how much I admire what you are doing.

This is the time when voters in a progressive electorate like Goldstein must play their part. I believe grassroots activity is imperative and can be done by supporting good independent candidates.

The Liberal party branches are now controlled by the Liberal party head office, which does not listen to ordinary voters.

If genuine liberal voters can’t influence the branches, they must come together with other voters to support a really good, honest, broad thinking, visionary candidate to represent them.

The more independent Senators and Members of the House of Representatives we can have to review policies, and their implementation, the better – that’s the state we’ve got to in our democracy which has been abused by power hungry people

I wish you the best of luck. Thank you”

According to the Guardian, Macphee expressed strong objections to the “disgusting” and “inhumane” offshore processing policies of the Morrison government and said the Coalition was “not listening” to the science on climate change despite some of the hottest temperatures on record.

Macphee also noted the government was not facilitating proper accountability around policy making. He characterised the decisions taken on sports grants and in the commuter carpark fund as “a disgrace”.

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