We spend billions on ‘wellness’ crap. Why?

Dec 28, 2023
Cosmetic products

‘Alternative’ medicines and therapies comprise the biggest scam in the country. But if you think that industry is going to be cleaned up … you’re joking.

According to the best estimates, Australians spend well over $5 billion a year on alternative medicines and therapies. Globally, the market is valued at $2.4 trillion, equal to the entire gross domestic product of Malta, Albania, North Macedonia and Cyprus combined.

A lot of people are making a lot of money. But what, apart from the placebo effect, do they offer in return?

Most of these products and services have no reliable evidence of safety, quality or efficacy. Many studies have shown that what’s in the bottle seldom coincides with what’s on the label. But every pharmacy and supermarket in the country is full of the stuff.

These products are assumed to be harmless. Some are; some aren’t. Most consumers can’t tell the difference.

For successive governments, consumer protection is easier to ignore than to implement. Far too many people are doing far too well for this gravy train to end.


Read the full article on Martyn Goddard’s The Policy Post, here:

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