Weekly roundup Saturday 1 October

Oct 1, 2022
Parliament House
Back to work with a long "to do" list

Weekly roundup of links to articles, reports, podcasts and other media on current political and economic issues in public policy.

Constitutional and legal stuff

Most Australians like the idea of a Voice to Parliament, but their support is fragile. An Australian head of state – the monarchists have apathy and inertia on their side. A federal ICAC: let the negotiations begin.

A health check on democracy

Is America decaying or it just taking a short break from democracy? Elections: a loss by the centre-right in Italy and Sweden; keep an eye on Brazil. Julian Assange’s London – 23 hours day of confinement with occasional breaks to appear in humiliating court appearances.

Other public policy

We can avoid a recession if the RBA behaves itself. The Productivity Commission report on productivity paints a sad picture of our business culture. The government is cautiously addressing transport emissions. Energy prices: the bad news and the good news. Covid-19 – sorry we have to keep mentioning it.

Public ideas

An easy guide to Marx and Foucault. That pizza bar in Washington and other conspiracy theories. Why Brunswick, Balmain, and Burnside aren’t like Vienna but could be.


In sound and sight.

Links to sources of webinars, podcasts and readings

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