Weekly roundup Saturday – Good riddance to Liberal Party lefties

Oct 8, 2022
A fine party now purged of "lefties" and liberals. (R G Menzies House, Canberra)

Weekly roundup of links to articles, reports, podcasts and other media on current political and economic issues in public policy.

Public policy

The Reserve Bank joins the “Buy Nothing New” movement. Renters doing it tough. Making financial advice more accessible: it’s difficult. Australians want more done on climate change, public authorities need to do more on climate change. Electricity bills – we’re paying too much for poles and wires. Health policy – we’re short of GPs but still have far more Covid-19 than we want. Education – men are slipping behind, and other findings. Budget advice – no, we really don’t want those tax cuts but we do want a budget that’s about our wellbeing.


The Liberal Party’s search for space on the political spectrum: inspiration from Sydney’s festival of really dangerous ideas; right-wing think-tanks where dangerous ideas emerge; the Coalition’s war on capitalism; the big teal.

Public ideas

How to cushion risk: public charity or public insurance? We have dealt with problems of production, but how about distribution?

The adventure of three little pigs

Links to sources of webinars, podcasts and readings

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