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Aug 23, 2023
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Pearls and Irritations is a beacon of thoughtful, thought provoking, thoroughly researched and expertly presented, articles about issues so often ignored by the mainstream media.

There is always something to be learned, independent perspectives that no one else will report, or an unexpected take on an old story. Pearls and Irritations never disappoints.

For more than a decade John Menadue and Susie Menadue have undertaken this exceptional public service on behalf of us all. They do not accept advertising and rely entirely on donations. Now Pearls and Irritations needs your donation to help it survive and thrive in the face of a behemoth of homogenous and increasingly partisan media concentration.

Please consider making a monthly or one-off donation to support P&I’s continued work, here.

Professor Jenny Hocking


You may be interested to learn more about the growth of Pearls and Irritations below:

A growing string of Pearls and just as many Irritations: P&I needs your support


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