With allies like these, Australia doesn’t need enemies

Sep 23, 2021
china embassy canberra australia
Australia's relationship with China has rapidly declined. (Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

As Australia’s trade dispute with China continues, allies who have pledged solidarity with Australia have been moving into the trade spaces from which we’ve been evicted. Hardly ‘protecting our back’ as the US boasts. 

Did Scott Morrison protest to Joe Biden in their New York meeting?  Perhaps he didn’t try. He would have been too concerned to note that in their discussion Joe Biden spoke from notes to ensure that he got Morrison’s name correct, not the ‘fella’ from down under.

Will we ever learn that the US  puts its own interests first, not just on strategic issues but on trade as well? The US will assist us if it is in its own interest and not otherwise.

As these charts show, our ‘allies’, including the US, Canada and New Zealand, have quickly  grabbed our markets in many fields. Words are hollow if they are not backed by actions.


saul eslake chart 1
(Chart: Saul Eslake)


saul eslake chart 2
(Chart: Saul Eslake)


saul eslake chart 3
(Chart: Saul Eslake)


saul eslake chart 4
(Chart: Saul Eslake)

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