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The government, in due course, acted promptly

In the far-off innocent days before the spin doctors decreed that backbenchers should cease thinking for themselves and instead parrot the talking points devised to avoid saying anything meaningful at all,  a few brave souls were prepared to respond to … Continue reading

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We the people have a right to know.

Two issues largely treated as separate have got increasing attention in Australia this Millennium. The first is whether the activities of governments are sufficiently transparent, whether a lack of transparency breeds incompetence and corruption, and whether we need a federal … Continue reading

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A special investigation: Naval, builder of Australian submarines, at centre of numerous global corruption scandals

The arms company at the centre of a deadly criminal saga and numerous global corruption scandals, Naval Group, was selected by the Australian government to build our new fleet of submarines – a deal heralded as ‘one of the world’s … Continue reading

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We have just about given up on the mainstream media.

For Labor, there is no point in getting into a fight you will never win. The Murdoch myrmidons will always be their enemy, and since they have become invulnerable – like the banks, they are too big to fail — … Continue reading

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Homily to Susan Ryan

As we gather here in the Lady Chapel at Newman College, people are gathered in socially distant numbers at St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney for the state funeral of Susan Maree Ryan.

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Shaoquett Moselmane MLC returns to Parliament despite the media. (AMUST Oct 23, 2020)

Mr Shaoquett Moselmane MLC returned to the NSW Parliament on Thursday 22 October 2020 following months of controversy after the Parliamentary Privileges Committee exonerated him and cleared the way for his dignified return to the House.

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Saturday’s good reading and listening for the weekend

What people in other forums are saying about public policy

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“When a scholar meets a soldier …”: Why I’ve decided not to speak to the senate inquiry on diaspora communities in Australia (ABC Oct 21, 2020)

What purpose does Senator Abetz’s questioning of Chinese Australians serve, other than to make them feel that they will never belong, no matter how long they have lived here or how hard they have tried?

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“You don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone…..” Like manufacturing!

As part of the post-COVID recovery, the Morrison Government has announced a “package” to revive manufacturing. But why does manufacturing need to be revived?

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Joseph McCarthy smiled in his grave

McCarthyism was re-incarnated when Senator Eric Abetz asked three young Chinese Australians to “unequivocally condemn” the Chinese Communist Party. Congratulations to Chiu, Jiang and Chau for having the courage to defend themselves when bullied.

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Necessary but insufficient: Anti-corruption commissions won’t stop corruption

Unfortunately, it’s patently obvious that we need anti-corruption commissions to expose corruption in Australian politics. But history shows such commissions to be necessary to expose corruption but insufficient to prevent it.

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The ACT Election – a loss for Liberals but not really a win for Labor

The ACT election on Saturday was the 15th consecutive Australian election in which the Liberal Party has lost ground. Why has it swung so far to the right, away from its own principles?

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Why values matter in a crisis

A crisis is a test of leadership. A test of systems. And a test of relationships. But it is also a test of values.

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Tamed Estate: Poor Gladys

Last week in the Tamed Estate, ICAC’s inquiry into former politician Daryl Maguire whose revelations about NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian completely overshadowed Kevin Rudd’s spectacular petition to set up a royal commission into the Murdoch press. Also, international propaganda efforts … Continue reading

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Remembering Harold Evans (AIIA Oct 9, 2020)

Harold Evans had an indefatigable role in encouraging and expanding coverage of international affairs in the publications he edited and in the books he published. He also had great enthusiasm for hiring and fostering well-trained Australian journalists.

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Saturday’s good reading and listening for the weekend 

What people in other forums are saying about public policy

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Lobby Land. The power of the health lobby. Health ministers may be in office but they are not in power

The major barrier to health reform is the power of providers- the health lobby. A succession of Australian health ministers Liberal and Labor for three decades have failed in any serious health reform.  Any Minister, Liberal or Labor who wants … Continue reading

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Bowling Tips from John Howard

Former Prime Minister John Howard loved cricket as much as he loved war-making. Problem was he was terrible at the former and successful at the latter.

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The Beginning of the End?

Is Pope Francis running out of steam? Will we ever see an end to Vatican financial scandals? And where is George in all of this?

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Julian Assange and failure of mainstream media

On 18 September, a little over a year since Amal Clooney was appointed as the UK’s special envoy for media freedom, she resigned. Among Clooney’s barrister colleagues are Geoffrey Robertson, Jennifer Robinson, and Gareth Pierce, all of whom, at their … Continue reading

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Is this the least meaningful crisis defence?-This is not who we are!

When a crisis strikes it’s very natural to try and hide behind some sort of a defensive statement. Yet that statement needs to be meaningful and not just a fashionable cliché posing as a moral fig-leaf.

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LobbyLand: Democracy on life support as the revolving door keeps swinging

Australian public policy is now routinely moulded to suit the interests of the highest corporate bidders and the lobbyists who represent their interests.

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Julia Gillard and those Military Funerals

While sitting in on 24 soldier funerals did Gillard ask herself the same question, in substance, “is it worth it?”. No doubt each time she would have given herself the same answer “yes”.

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Lobbyland: How the lobbies hijacked school education

In all areas of public policy there are groups that engage in advocacy and lobbying to influence public opinion and to advance their special interests. These groups have been obvious and successful over half a century of increasingly privatised school … Continue reading

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Tamed Estate: Albanese follows Morrison’s lead

This week we see that Albanese is following in Morrison’s footsteps, with Morrison following the same path as usual. Meanwhile, Frydenberg is refining his dark arts, with Thursday night’s drops receiving no critical coverage. We also have a brief look … Continue reading

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War crimes in Afghanistan: where will justice fall?

One year out from the 20th anniversary of the start of the Australian occupation of Afghanistan, a report is about to explode like a cluster bomb, showering shrapnel of guilt, denial, blame and even deep sorrow.

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LobbyLand. The scourge of powerful special interests and lobbyists.

A major reason for the loss of trust in governments and parliaments is the way powerful special interests with their lobbyists have come to dominate the public debate and skew decisions in their favour. The fossil fuel  sector is the … Continue reading

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Lobbyland. The gambling lobby and how to buy friends and influence governments

There is no shortage of post-political appointments to engage the talents of former politicians to lobby for the gambling industry.

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Angus Taylor’s energy roadmap: national interest second

At least the latest energy plan – the coalition’s 22nd, and counting – is not all about gas.

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Rich Thinking: Canberra Bubble wage delusions spawn a bizarre plan to flatten taxes (MWM Sep 24, 2020)

Forget the “average” wage, half of working Australians earn less than $57,000 a year. Rich think they are poor, poor rich. Elizabeth Minter reports on the government’s strange plan to flatten taxes so everybody who earns between $45,000 and $200,000 pays … Continue reading

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