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Deborah Gleeson is a senior lecturer in the School of Psychology and Public Health at La Trobe University, Australia, and an Associate at La Trobe University's Centre for Health Law and Society. Deborah's research focuses on the interface between trade and investment agreements and public health, and her recent book Trade Agreements and Public Health with Professor Ronald Labonte provides an introduction to the topic for health policy makers, researchers and advocates. Deborah co-convenes the Political Economy of Health Special Interest Group of the Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA) and frequently represents PHAA on matters related to trade and health. She received a PHAA President's Award 2015 for public health leadership, engagement and commitment on the impact of international trade issues on public health.

Malcolm Turnbull’s ‘political kryptonite’ lesson: Resistance to Big Pharma’s greed can succeed

Australia’s response to US pharmaceutical industry influence in the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations holds valuable lessons for the coronavirus crisis. 

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DEBORAH GLEESON & DAVID LEGG. Three simple things Australia should do to secure access to treatments, vaccines, tests and devices during the coronavirus crisis (The Conversation 21.4.20)

Patents and related intellectual property rights can present formidable barriers to procuring medicines, vaccines, diagnostic tests and medical devices.

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