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Gregory Clark began his career in Australia’s Department of External Affairs, with postings to Hongkong and Moscow. Resigning in 1965 to protest Australia’s participating in the Vietnam War he moved to Japan, becoming emeritus president of Tama University in Tokyo and vice-president of the pioneering Akita International University. He continues to live in Japan.

Lies and distortions about western policies in Asia: The Sino-Indian frontier dispute. Part 1 of 2

Most governments lie and distort, sometimes blatantly.  For me, one of the worst examples has been over the hostilities along the Sino-Indian frontier.  I give details since I was once personally involved. 

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GREGORY CLARK. The anniversary of 1971 Pingpong Diplomacy

The 50th anniversary of perhaps the most important event Australia’s relations with Asia, or even in its history, was barely noticed when it passed this month.

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