We are being led to war with China to satisfy American hegemonic interests

Mar 10, 2023
USA and China conflict. Country flags on chess pawns on a chess board. 3D illustration.

As the American Empire is attempting to open up another war front with China and dragging us into it, the Doomsday clock is now 10 seconds to midnight. Can we resist?

The war in Ukraine is not going well for Zelensky. US involvement continues by pouring billions of dollars and armaments into Ukraine and encouraging the country’s president to fight to the last Ukrainian.

The US wants to win the Ukraine War with Russia, and Russia also wants to win the war. Nationalism plays a great role in both Ukraine and Russia. Zelensky might want to end the war, but without the nod from Uncle Sam, all third parties’ goodwill (France, Turkiye, Israel and China) and good intentions would be wasted.

The US in recent weeks have seemed to pivot their attention from the Ukraine War to China. It certainly defies logic that the US would do this, as fighting on two fronts means a dilution of attention and logistics which could mean lowering the possibility of a ‘win’ in these wars. Why is the US falling into a ‘diversion strategy’ which will eventually mean shooting themselves in the foot?

One reason is that, from the US deep south, the creation of a Taiwanese War by goading China to attack Taiwan would be a very useful PR exercise in demonising China, as well as having a good excuse to sanction China. This would have the intention of cancelling Chinese held US Treasurer bonds (just under USD$1 trillion) and a ‘successful’ decoupling of China’s economy from the world. There is only a remote possibility that these sanctions/decoupling would work. The US sanctions on Russia has been a ‘lose-lose’ venture.

The first salvo fired by the US in this effort was the widely publicised media appearance of a 4-star general predicting that the US would go to war with China, by 2025.

The second salvo came from the US House Committee on foreign affairs which presented in a hearing that China now posed an existential threat to the US economy, and that this threat would ultimately lead to war.

All these narratives were carried by CNN and other major American ‘pro-war’ media, and the main purpose is to convince the American people to accept a war in the Asia Pacific with China.

Meanwhile, the US are encouraging Japan and South Korea to join in the fight if a war breaks out over Taiwan. Japan is quite happy to go along with this because it gives Japan the excuse to rearm and bypass Article 9 of their constitution. I am not too sure of South Korea’s commitment as it is a neighbouring country connected to the Chinese mainland.

The other great ally to convince is Australia. Following this morning’s SMH report “Red Alert”, one could say that the Australian media is now in lock-step with the American media, whilst the Labor government is keeping a low profile.

There is no evidence that China is a threat to Australia. Instead, the war mongering propaganda of the US Deep State does have great influence in the American legislative and executive branches of government; and the American military industrial complex would stand to gain from a war in the Asia Pacific.

Today the SMH narrative “Red Alert” mirrors the US media narratives to the extent that all the creative narratives came from these sources, the US Deep State, Wall Street, US think tanks and some US generals. Such manufactured fears no doubt will flood the minds of ordinary Australians with the objective of getting general Australian support for a war with China.

These events are supported by the publication of a CSIS war games exercise exploring what would happen if China ‘invades’ Taiwan. However, Taiwan is Chinese territory, and an appropriate term might be ‘military reunification’.

Quoting CSIS findings on 24 war games: “CSIS developed a wargame for a Chinese amphibious invasion of Taiwan and ran it 24 times. In most scenarios, the United States/Taiwan/Japan defeated a conventional amphibious invasion by China and maintained an autonomous Taiwan. However, this defence came at high cost. The United States and its allies lost dozens of ships, hundreds of aircraft, and tens of thousands of servicemembers. Taiwan saw its economy devastated. Further, the high losses damaged the U.S. global position for many years. China also lost heavily, and failure to occupy Taiwan might destabilise Chinese Communist Party rule. Victory is therefore not enough. The United States needs to strengthen deterrence immediately.”

I have seen a few of these war game simulations and all the findings are more appropriate as a Hollywood war movie plot that portrays US as the ‘winner’. One can dream on! I must confess, in my youth, I loved to see Hollywood war movies and it is a great feeling to be on the side of the winner.

The Chinese have a slight advantage in supply logistics in terms of replenishing personnel, ammunitions, missiles, and drones. China does not need to fly them from thousands of miles as the US does. The only truth about the CSIS finding is the possibility of escalating into a nuclear war.

In this war, there are no winners, even if it is restricted to conventional warfare. Just as in the Ukraine War, we will fight to the last Taiwanese!

If Australia is sending troops alongside the US to fight a war with China, there will be several consequences that would be unavoidable; 1. Australia will be a nuclear target if a nuclear war erupts; 2. There is no way the government can protect the 1.2 million Chinese Australians from increased xenophobia or racial violence when the body bags of our dead soldiers arrive home; 3. When item 2 occurs, there will be no unity or community harmony in our multicultural society. 4. In preventing social unrest, Chinese Australians will be interned like the Italians and Germans in WW2. In the end, Australia loses ‘big’ – economically, militarily, and socially.

Does Australia wants to go down in history as a warmongering nation that was an accessory to the US desire to have a war with China?

We appreciate and thank former PM Paul Keating’s remarks in P&I about the SMH/The Age as being ‘the most egregious and provocative news presentation of any newspaper I have witnessed in over fifty years of active public life’.

Can we turn this nightmare away by creating a diplomatic deterrence on war and preserve this beautiful land of ours for generations to come, living in peace and harmony!

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