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Dr Mark Diesendorf, a renewable energy researcher, was trained as a physicist and is currently Honorary Associate Professor at UNSW Sydney.

It’s time for a serious consideration of a job guarantee

The federal government could and should fund a job guarantee for all who want to work, paid at the minimum wage, to replace Jobkeeper and Jobseeker, with jobs created by all levels of government and community organisations.

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A Government Program to lock-in Fossil Fuels

The federal government’s “Next Generation Energy Technologies Investment Package” is designed to lock-in fossil fuels.

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The last chance to stabilise Earth’s climate

The aspirational Paris target of 1.5ºC maximum warming will be beyond our reach if the economy returns to pre-Covid ‘normal’. Technological solutions, although necessary, are not sufficient.

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A Radical Thought: Implement the Steady-State Economy

The post-Covid recovery period may be a suitable time to consider how to transition to a steady-state economy with almost full employment.

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MARK DIESENDORF. Lessons from Covid-19: Strategic Planning for Future Risks

A key lesson from Covid-19 is that markets cannot manage major risks and that strategic planning is necessary.

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