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Mungo MacCallum is a veteran political journalist and commentator. His books include Run Johnny Run, Poll Dancing, and Punch and Judy. [email protected]

Most viewed articles 2020: Gladys’ arrogance paves the way for Federal ICAC (Oct 20, 2020)

The most remarkable thing about the revelation of Gladys Berejiklian’s love life was that it was remarkable at all.

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That’s all she wrote

I never thought I’d say it, but I can no longer go on working.

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Australia against China: a face-off which must be avoided

It may be a statement of the bleeding obvious, but a face-off with the People’s Republic of China would not be a good idea.

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Is Morrison finally nearing the tipping point on climate?

He would rather forego his parliamentary pension than admit it, but our prime minister is unobtrusively softening his hardline stance on climate change.

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The national anthem is back on the playlist

Our national anthem is back on the playlist, and as always for the wrong reasons.  

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We were warned about the Brererton report – it is still shocking

Scott Morrison warned us that we would be shocked by the Brereton report on alleged war crimes and this is one promise he has kept.

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Joel Fitzgibbon and Labor’s environment policy

Joel Fitzgibbon’s resignation from the front bench does not change the policy of the Labor Party. nor its leadership. But it does change the mechanics.

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Ministers at a very public bar.

In the old days, no one called parliament house a toxic bubble. The more usual term was a smorgasbord, a sumptuous spread provided by the men hoping to get their ends in, which meant almost all of them.

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Planet America: A voting system in a world of its own

Many more Americans voted against Donald Trump than voted for him – millions more. But nearly as many did not vote at all. And the explanation of why they failed to do so is bad news for what is left … Continue reading

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Facing Conservative Commentators Up to the Truth About Trump

The damage to convention, the rule of law, honesty, integrity and decency that Trump has wreaked – and is still wreaking – will be harder to repair.

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Trump. The mendacious wheeler-dealer

A crunch day for Australia on Tuesday – and not just for the Melbourne Cup, vital as that is for the nation’s well-being. November 4 will determine whether the United States of America regains its sanity or embarks on another … Continue reading

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Cartier watches and Morrison’s pet rock.

Morrison’s stalwart declaration of independence on climate changer sounded more like a petulant plea: “stop the world, I want to get off.”

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The government, in due course, acted promptly

In the far-off innocent days before the spin doctors decreed that backbenchers should cease thinking for themselves and instead parrot the talking points devised to avoid saying anything meaningful at all,  a few brave souls were prepared to respond to … Continue reading

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We have just about given up on the mainstream media.

For Labor, there is no point in getting into a fight you will never win. The Murdoch myrmidons will always be their enemy, and since they have become invulnerable – like the banks, they are too big to fail — … Continue reading

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Gladys’ arrogance paves the way for Federal ICAC

The most remarkable thing about the revelation of Gladys Berejiklian’s love life was that it was remarkable at all.

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The altar boys at The Australian

The usually reliable NewsPoll last week delivered a bombshell as unexpected as it was unwelcome to its Murdochratic media proprietors

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There’s one sure thing about Josh Frydenberg’s budget – it is shovel ready

Warehouses have been emptied to find the shovels (and the wheelbarrows, the backhoes, the bulldozers and the front-end loaders) needed to move the mountains of cash from the invisible lenders through the Treasury to the pockets of the punters.

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Scott Morrison plans to launch Matthias Cormann on to the global stage.

Following the long and successful run in the provinces ScoMo believes his retiring Finance Minister is ready to take on the world and has nominated him to the prestigious role of Secretary General of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and … Continue reading

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Three important considerations for the budget: jobs, jobs and jobs

The straight talking New South Wales Premier, Neville Wran,  set the scene in one terse sentence. “Delegates,” he rasped, ”this summit is about three things: jobs, jobs and jobs.”

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Susan Ryan

Susan Ryan was more than a feminist icon and achiever, Labor’s first woman cabinet minister and the model for all those who have followed her.

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Angus Taylor’s energy roadmap: national interest second

At least the latest energy plan – the coalition’s 22nd, and counting – is not all about gas.

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What is unforgivable about the Victorian shut down policies is that they are working

The indefatigable freedom fighters crusading to liberate the shut-down in Victoria are quite right. The restrictions are stultifying, draconian, totalitarian. They are intolerable in a democracy, an affront to Australia as we know it.

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Morrison’s choice: blimps and gas-fired power

If Scott Morrison ever went back to his old job of promoting tourism and needed to ramp up the travel industry, he would put his money on blimps. So gas is obviously the go. A sensible middle course, obviously the … Continue reading

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Freeing the indigenous flag

It is a flag that can be admired and cherished, a beacon for reconciliation and beyond. It is, in the truest sense, an Australian institution.

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Isn’t less government what the conservatives really want?

The commonwealth has unraveled, federation has unfederated. So why aren’t the Tories cheering?

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It’s too late for Juukan Gorge but Warragamba dam is on the horizon

Shakepeare said: “Tis the sport to have the engineer hoist with his own petard.” And indeed, there is some satisfaction in seeing the petard that hoisted the Juukan Gorge also sending some of Rio Tinto’s top brass flying out of … Continue reading

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Falling into depression

It has always been argued that gas, while not a squeaky clean fuel, is a least a better bet than coal. But now it turns out that gas may be even dirtier, because the methane leaks that cannot be contained … Continue reading

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McMahon, Abbott and Morrison.

Has Tony Abbott surpassed McMahon as the worst of our worst?

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Never give a Sukkar an even break

Readers of the Melbourne Age and the Sydney Morning Herald and viewers of the Nine network will have been alerted to the self-destruction of the Victorian branch of the Liberal Party – the jewel in the crown, as the founder, … Continue reading

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Vale Richard di Natale.

Richard di Natale left his party much as he led it without fuss or fanfare, quiet, reasonable, and always at a certain distance from the turmoil of parliamentary conflict.

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