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MUNGO MACCALLUM.- Confusion beyond parody.

Barbers are considered essential, but the MPs are considered redundant in a way they have never been, not during wars, depressions and previous pandemics.

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KIM OATES.-COVID-19. Good news and bad news for children

There is good news for most children and bad news for some in this pandemic. Unlike most epidemics, where those at both ends of the age spectrum are more likely to succumb, the good news is that we are seeing … Continue reading

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CHARLES LIVINGSTONE.- Crown and other casinos finally shut, but initial exemption suggests special status

Getting in early to stop the spread of the virus would have been good for the community, and from Crown’s perspective good for the company’s floundering reputation, as it faces multiple official inquiries. It would also have demonstrated that even … Continue reading

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Stopping the boats but not cruise ships.

Imagine stopping the boats the centrepiece of your entire political platform for 10 years, and then failing to stop the one boat that actually fucking mattered.

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HENRY REYNOLDS.- When will we see a cost-benefit of our meddling in the Middle East?

By the end of this year Australia will have begun the process of removing our armed forces from the Iraq and Afghanistan or at least be considering what can fairly be termed a retreat after a series of engagements lasting … Continue reading

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KERRY BREEN and KERRY GOULSTON.- Further update: An apolitical approach to the Covid-19 crisis – hopes are fading.

In the eleven days since we first tried to make sense of the Federal Government’s approach to the current health crisis, little has changed in its approach.

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MUNGO MACCALLUM.- Team Australia on the Corona virus

Scott Morrison’s National Cabinet is working pretty well so far.

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PATRICIA and DON EDGAR. Who is expendable? Ethics in an age of a pandemic

In 1651, the English philosopher Thomas Hobbes, writing about the social contract, warned that without a strong central government man reverts to his natural state of self-interest and life is ‘solitary, poore, nasty, brutish and short’. The West has rejected … Continue reading

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STUART REES An End To Global Capitalism

The raiding of supermarket shelves shows the influence of capitalism at its worst: competition, selfishness, exploitation by the successful raiders at the expense of those who could not compete or decided not to.

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PETER SAINSBURY. Sunday environmental round up, 29 March 2020

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. How will a coronavirus-led recession affect CO2 emissions? Will health improve from cleaner air with fewer vehicles on the road? How can governments use stimulus packages to protect the vulnerable and hasten the … Continue reading

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What people in other forums are saying about public policy

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ALEX MITCHELL: Mark Latham goes all nuclear – again!

Mark Latham, former Federal Labor leader who now sits in the State Legislative Council as head of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation in NSW, is running a one-man campaign to end the ban on uranium mining which came into force in … Continue reading

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DAVID SOLOMON. The Government could do better

There’s a simple way for Prime Minister Scott Morrison to assert some real leadership and focus the attention of the nation on how the corona virus pandemic should be confronted: he should sack the two Ministers who have demonstrated most … Continue reading

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CHIARA BOCELLI-TYNDALL.- Coronavirus in Italy – a view from “exile”

On Sunday, February the 23rd my Australian husband and I was in Florence Italy, where we regularly enjoy an alternative residence, and lifestyle, to that of Basel Switzerland. We had tickets for a coveted opera performance of Donizetti’s Don Pasquale, … Continue reading

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BRUCE THOM.- Challenge and Response: The Current Crisis

Thinking now about our current global health/economic crisis, I see how we need creativity to get us over the proverbial hump and back to that desired state called normality.

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JOHN TAN. John Mearsheimer: Foreign policy hawk? Controversial as ever. Part 2 (of 2):

He has enraged the Israel lobby in Washington with his book about the lobby and US foreign policy. He is persona non grata in many circles, but he’s not taking a step back.

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JOCELYN PIXLEY. Short selling society

As countries world-wide shut down, short-sellers scurry around like thieves in the night. Why are they dangerous and what could be done?

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KERRY BREEN and KERRY GOULSTON.- Update: An apolitical response at last to the Covid 19 crisis.

Last week we explored why government responses to the Covid 19 crisis seemed to be tardy and we argued for an expert apolitical group to lead the response.

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ANDREW FARRAN.- A New Constitutional Health Power for the Commonwealth

Could the Caronavirus (Covin-19) outbreak be a tipping point swinging the balance of Constitutional power with respect to health in favour of the Commonwealth, as happened previously with defence, income tax and civil aviation?

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JEFF BORLAND.-. COVID -19 and the Australian labour market: The immediate impact

COVID-19 will bring decreases in employment and labour supply in Australia – at a scale and speed which are unprecedented. This article explains why COVID-19 is having these effects and describes who are the workers being most affected.

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JOHN MENADUE.- Podcast ABC ‘The Eleventh’, February/March 2020

This is an edited transcript of an interview I conducted with the ABC for a podcast series The Eleventh. 

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DUNCAN GRAHAM.-The wealthiest one per cent (all men) own half Indonesia’s total wealth.

Ma’ruf Amin is a name few Australians would recognize. Before his election last year as Indonesia’s vice-president, the hard-right Islamic cleric showed minimal interest in his southern neighbour. Suddenly he wants Australian aid.

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PAUL MALONE.Who’s pushing foreign influence in Australia?

In seeking to target foreign interference in Australia, the Federal Government has two countries in its sights, but it’s not just the Russians and Chinese who play the interference game.

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JOHN TAN. John Mearsheimer: Foreign policy hawk? Controversial as ever. Part 1 (of 2):

His theory of offensive realism is the most aggressive of all foreign policy theories. He believes China’s continued rise will likelylead to a muscular contest; and he has enraged the Israel Lobby in Washington. But his story is much more … Continue reading

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JOHN TONS. Nature Bats Last

Australia’s summer of discontent has morphed into an autumn of fear as we bunker down to protect ourselves from coronavirus. Nature is reminding us that she is not to be trifled with, that she cannot be ignored.

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GAVIN A O’BRIEN.-Why I remain a Catholic.

 I am being challenged to consider and discern why I remain a Catholic in a Church whose membership is declining and ageing;whose clergy are decreasing in numbers and ageing,where many Catholics, particularly our children, are no longer attending Mass and … Continue reading

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ABUL RIZVI: The Ruby Princess – how could this have happened?

The Ruby Princess, along with a number of other cruise ships that arrived in Australia around the same time, will go down in Australian history as a super spreader of disease and death.

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CHRIS SIDOTI.- Archbishop Anthony saves the day.

I laughed so hard I could hard stop myself from crying. There’s no limit to the wonderful capacity of human beings to produce clowns to make us laugh our way through every crisis.

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MIKE SCRAFTON. COVID-19: ‘Dirty hands’ and political leadership in a crisis

Normally, bringing ethics and crisis politics together in a crisis is like putting Siamese fighting fish in the same tank; only one is likely to survive.

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RICHARD WHITINGTON. Berejiklian ticking off the milestones on way to creating NSW history.

Next Monday marks the first anniversary of Gladys Berejiklian becoming the first female to be elected Premier of NSW, and the Liberals’ third straight victory.

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