Lithium free ev batteries now in production

Ray Peck, Hawthorn, Mar 1, 2024

Daniel Bleakley’s article with the catchy title “Electric vehicles will crush fossil cars on price” lived up to expectations. The negativity coming from the electrification naysayers and those with vested interests has been full on since the announcement that Australia was finally getting fuel efficiency standards. However, while the main reason Bleakley gave for the projected reduction in EV prices was falling battery prices due to the decreasing price of lithium, I was surprised the safer, cheaper, cleaner sodium-ion batteries were not mentioned. Unlike lithium, sodium is low cost and available virtually anywhere on the planet. Two Chinese car makers JAC and JMEV, backed by Volkswagen and Renault respectively, went into production in December. While the first cars are small with a shorter range, they will be considerably cheaper.

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