Fearless article calling out Penny Wong

Gladys Johns, Carlton, Victoria, Nov 10, 2023

It’s as though the Labor party thinks it doesn’t need its grassroots anymore.

The Labor party (through the public statements of Penny Wong, Anthony Albanese and Richard Marles) has taken a stance supporting the United States’ hardline Zionists and that has translated into a cruel military support for the occupiers.

I’m not the only previously rusted-on Labor supporter who will never ever vote Labor again. I will find a person of principle in my electorate as opposed to a party.

Collectively, Australia has blood on their hands and it will NEVER wash it off. The Zionists have been allowed to create a new ‘victimhood’ by the Western media.
Interviewees have to pay their respects to the 7 Oct and then get interrupted or silenced when the continued barrage of Zionist perpetrated kidnappings, killings and dispossessions of the Palestinian people are mentioned. They have a new holocaust. . . to maintain the right to special allowances; allowances to defy any humanitarian rules of engagement. . to kill, starve and damage civilians with impunity. . .

So thankful that the many good-hearted and truly religious Jews have reached out to many Palestinians to hopefully form a new unity of peaceful co-existence. . .

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