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Greg Latemore has taught leadership, strategy, organisational behaviour and human resource management at three Australian Universities. He submitted his PhD in HRM in December 2019.

GREG LATEMORE. A Tale of Two Leaders-Trump and Ardern.

The contrast between two national leaders in these ‘interesting’ times could not be more pronounced. The differences between America’s President Donald Trump and New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinta Ardern are remarkable.

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GREG LATEMORE. Can Scott Morrison Learn to Lead?

Scott Morrison is facing a significant leadership challenge: how to learn to deal with ‘wicked’ problems. The PM’s situation is complicated by a manifest loss of confidence in his capacity to do so. The question is – “can Scott Morrison … Continue reading

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GREG LATEMORE. Morrison’s Leadership – Some inconvenient truths about authenticity.

Morrison’s Leadership – Inconvenient Truths Scott Morrison has recently confronted important truths about leadership – your credibility as a leader has to be earned and it is very easy to lose it. Just being confirmed in the position as a … Continue reading

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