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Margaret Reynolds is a former councillor and Federal Minister for Local Government. She chaired the Advisory Board of the Australian Centre of Excellence in Local Government at the University of Technology, Sydney 2008-2012.

An open letter to the Prime Minister from ABC friends and supporters

Your recent statement “ There have been no cuts to the ABC “ sadly reminds us of Tony Abbott’s similar bold election promise in 2013, yet this was followed by major cutbacks in his first Budget as Prime Minister. Continue reading

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MARGARET REYNOLDS. Australian Councils Need a Stimulus Too

Australian councils, as the front line in so many areas of public policy, need to be properly funded in order to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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MARGARET REYNOLDS. Labor Review ignores Centralised Factional Control!

The ALP Reviewers certainly deserve recognition for facing some of the issues which led to its recent Federal election defeat. The Review Team has put on the record the factors contributing to misunderstanding and failure to capture the public imagination. … Continue reading

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MARGARET REYNOLDS. Queensland – A Special Place?

I lived in Queensland for three decades and represented the sunshine state as a Labor Senator for sixteen years. I spent much of my time trying to convince my parliamentary colleagues and the media that Queenslanders are very much like … Continue reading

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SHARON PARKINSON, DEB BATTERHAM, MARGARET REYNOLDS. Homelessness soars in our biggest cities, driven by rising inequality since 2001 (The Conversation)

Homelessness has increased greatly in Australian capital cities since 2001. Almost two-thirds of people experiencing homelessness are in these cities, with much of the growth associated with severely crowded dwellings and rough sleeping.

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MARGARET REYNOLDS. Where do we go now?

It’s a sad day for Australian Politics when  national  reform is rejected and  voter priority is reduced to individual benefit . But why should we be surprised ? 

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MARGARET REYNOLDS.  New opportunity for Code of  Race Ethics supported by 54% of the Australian Parliament in 1998.

Senator Penny Wong considers today’s politicians  have failed to isolate  the extremism of One Nation as effectively as in the 1990s.

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It is interesting to ponder the thoughts of the Prime Minister before he decided to make a captain’s call by appointing Ita Buttrose as Chair of the ABC Board. In doing so he has confounded critics and perhaps even signalled … Continue reading

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MARGARET REYNOLDS. I love the ABC and I Vote!!

Several public policy issues will be vigorously debated when Australians vote in this year’s Federal Election. But the one policy area where a vast majority of Australians can agree is that our national public broadcaster- the A B C- must … Continue reading

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MARGARET REYNOLDS. ABC Friends calls for Australians to rally to defend the independence of our ABC

The firestorm that hit the ABC this week is an opportunity for Australians to demand that all political parties commit to absolute independent governance of the ABC.

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