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NBN update. Let’s not compound a history of poor policymaking by people who claim to be good economic managers.

In years to come Malcolm Turnbull will be remembered as the communications minister who, under instruction from then prime minister Tony Abbott, ‘demolished’ Labor’s 21st Century National Broadband Network. But another prominent politician had earlier inflicted enduring damage to any … Continue reading

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A white flag moment on the NBN was inevitable.

This week’s capitulation – that’s what it is – by communications minister Paul Fletcher sets us on a course that hopefully will see Australia start moving in the right direction again as we head further into a digitally-enabled future. It’s … Continue reading

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NBN Debacle. Wherefore art thou, minister?

What has been described as the country’s all-time biggest infrastructure debacle – the National Broadband Network – is a financial and technological mess.

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KIM WINGEREI The NBN is wrecking a whole industry

NBNCo is not just a costly technological failure, but a policy debacle that has cost Australias taxpayers billions of dollars that should have been better spent, as well as contributing to the severe devaluation of a whole industry.

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LAURIE PATTON. It’s the vision, stupid! Why we need #BetterBroadband

While neither side of politics is saying much about our increasingly-maligned National Broadband Network during the election period, the fact is Australia is falling behind in the race to leverage the benefits – economic and social – of an emerging digitally-enabled … Continue reading

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ANDREW SALMON. South Korea unveils national strategy for 5G (Asian Times)

South Korea expects to create 600,000 new “quality jobs” by 2026 thanks to fifth-generation, or 5G, mobile technologies, and hopes to leverage its first-mover advantage in the sector globally, a senior government official said on Monday.

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LAURIE PATTON. Labor spells out its NBN rescue plan

Labor’s communications spokesperson, Michelle Rowland, has outlined a very sensible approach to fixing the dud NBN. In fact, should the Coalition retain office it would be well advised to adopt Labor’s plan. 

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JOHN MENADUE. Some Coalition legacies that a new government must confront

There are several major issues that dominate public life today and require resolution. Those issues are –the growing existential  threat of climate change, the dire consequences following the Iraq invasion, tax cuts during the mining boom that result in continuing … Continue reading

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JOHN MENADUE. The Liberal and National parties have deserted country people on climate change, NBN and more.

Both the Liberal and National parties are taking a drubbing from country voters. A while back it was New England and Lyne. More recently it has been Indi and Wagga Wagga. 

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GARY McLAREN Is an NBN quick fix possible?

  The National Broadband Network went from a nation building project to political football after the 2013 election. Is it now too late to save? How much of the billions spent can be salvaged? How much needs to be spent … Continue reading

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LAURIE PATTON. Time to ditch our dud NBN – beaten by the ‘All Blacks of Broadband’

The contrast could not be any starker. As warnings emerged that Australia’s telcos are seeing their profits squeezed by the end of NBN Co’s short-lived wholesale price discount (with the likelihood that retail prices will rise), across the ditch came word … Continue reading

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LAURIE PATTON. The NBN sinks deeper into a technological mire.

Oh dear! This week new NBN Co boss Steven Rue told Senate Estimates they are still projecting that FTTN (the trouble-plagued technology using Telstra’s ageing copper wires) will be used until 2040. Experts, including Internet Australia chair Dr Paul Brooks, say FTTN will have to be replaced within 5-10 years of completion, … Continue reading

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JOHN STAPLETON. The fiasco of Australia’s telecommunications.

Complaints against the troubled broadband network have risen yet again with the latest Telecommunications Ombudsman’s Report, released this week, showing significant increases in complaints over the last year.

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PAUL BUDDE. National Party has failed regional Australia on broadband — Repost from 1 September 2018

It is still a battle to extend the perception of the importance of high-speed broadband beyond fast access to the internet or to Netflix.

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PATRICIA EDGAR. Going Round the Twist with Telstra and the NBN Co

NBN Co claims their ‘focus remains strongly on improving customer experience on the network including a smooth connection to the network.’ In fact the experience is a fiasco.  

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PAUL BUDDE. The departure of Bill Morrow – what’s next?

In the running up of the development of the NBN in the years between 2007 and 2009 some 400 people from the industry were involved in providing input into the design of this new infrastructure, they included senior engineers of … Continue reading

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ANNE HURLEY. Former Internet Australia directors support NSW Business Council call for a National Broadband Service Guarantee

Last year the NSW Business Chamber conducted a statewide survey of members. It has since called for changes it believes will help save business an average $9000 per year resulting from problems related to the NBN rollout. Four former directors … Continue reading

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ANNE HURLEY. Bad advice: why Mr Turnbull’s NBN is such a failure

These days you can’t buy a new car without airbags and ABS brakes. The Internet of Things is transforming the way we live our lives, run our businesses and grow the crops that feed the world. We’re developing autonomous vehicles … Continue reading

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LAURIE PATTON. Smart people make smart communities.

Many of my friends and colleagues have remarked on how my new role as inaugural CEO of the Australian Smart Communities Association (ASCA) is a natural extension of the work I’ve been doing promoting the need for #BetterBroadband. Connectivity is … Continue reading

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PAUL BUDDE. And so the NBN blame game starts

It has taken four years for the government and the nbn company to finally admit what many people have been warning for since the very beginning of the change in NBN plans from FttH (fibre to the home) to FttN (fibre … Continue reading

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JOHN MENADUE. The NBN and the wholesale/network arm of Telstra that should never have been sold.

Yesterday Malcolm Turnbull , perhaps unwittingly,sheeted home the real responsibility for the NBN debacle to the privatisation of Telstra by the Howard Government.  In his attempt to blame the Rudd government for the current problems, he really let the cat … Continue reading

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PAUL BUDDE. The future NBN might look rather different.

Some of the new technologies that are now arriving on the horizon could well mean that a different NBN scenario might unfold – a merging between fixed and wireless broadband.

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JULIAN CRIBB. Our Parliament: an unqualified failure for the future

Australian politicians have next to no qualifications or skills when it comes to deciding the focal issues of our time. No wonder the decision making of recent years has been so poor. Julian Cribb argues that a continued political bias … Continue reading

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ROD TUCKER AND JOHN DE RIDDER. How to fix the NBN pricing model: An open letter to Bill Morrow.

Dear Bill, The NBN pricing model is in urgent need of repair.  In this letter, we offer our thoughts on how an overhaul of the pricing model can solve a number of problems facing the NBN. 

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LAURIE PATTON. The Australian shoots the NBN messenger, as usual.

Three years ago, Internet Australia, the not-for-profit peak body representing the interests of Internet users, embarked on a mission to foster more informed debate about the National Broadband Network and its importance to Australia’s future. It was – and is – the view of our … Continue reading

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PAUL BUDDE. NBN goes against the very principles of conservative government

That the NBN goes against the very principles of conservative government became very clear to me in my discussion with the Joint Standing Committee on the National Broadband Network. When addressing the various well-documented problems of the NBN the chair … Continue reading

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LAURIE PATTON. The broadband debacle: NBN Co needs to eat its own dog food.

Whoever is in office three years from now will have the biggest ever infrastructure debacle on their hands if we don’t do something soon, writes Internet Australia’s Laurie Patton.

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PAUL BUDDE. Mid-year NBN assessment.

The rollout of the NBN has been gathering pace, but many problems remain. Most of the issues mentioned below have been addressed by me at various Senate Inquiries over the last decade. The fact that they have not been addressed … Continue reading

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MARK GREGORY.  A new broadband levy in another NBN bungle

The Turnbull government is set to introduce a new levy on telecommunications companies that offer 25 Mbps or faster internet connections to contribute towards regional and remote broadband. 

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PAUL BUDDE. The role of the NBN in the development of 5G

From a network efficiency point of view fibre-based infrastructure will always win over wireless.  …  Don’t expect a rapid development of 5G services for the mass market. 5G will most likely be installed in pockets where there is a clear … Continue reading

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