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William De Maria’s next book, Australia’s War of Shame. Afghanistan 2001-2013, is due out in 2021, the 20th anniversary of the occupation of Afghanistan year.

Lieutenant-General Burr, can you stand up. We can’t see you!

In Burr’s regiment were many of Justice Brereton’s bad boys. That so many of them were able to mask their incubating psychopathology reflects badly on the psychological assessment tools Burr’s people were administering.

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George Orwell, are you listening? Truth warping about Afghanistan war crimes

We are being asked to believe that a cosy coterie of retired public servants and academics are going to drive Army change and make things all wonderfully transparent for us. What rubbish. Where do I get my tickets for that … Continue reading

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The Afghan Homilies of Saint Peter Cosgrove

Who is one of the most admired public figures in Australia today? John Howard, Tony Abbott? No. To pursue that line would make this into a comedy piece. It’s Peter Cosgrove.

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Shoot to thrill: the night operation to Shina village

Friday morning in Brisbane. Everything seems normal expect for that gleaming black Toyota Crew Van brooding across the street. Before time allows a second look, BAM!! Members of the Queensland Police Service’s Special Emergency Response Team (SERT) burst like shrapnel … Continue reading

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Bowling Tips from John Howard

Former Prime Minister John Howard loved cricket as much as he loved war-making. Problem was he was terrible at the former and successful at the latter.

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Private Schools: Blessed are the rich

Last year Shore’s income was $87.54 million. It is a rich school for kids of rich parents. It is also a charity. Yes, just like Habitat Australia, in Mount Street, North Sydney, just down the road from the school, Shore … Continue reading

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Charity regulator is failing us.

Charity scams are on a rocket trajectory. Since 2019 they have risen by a massive 70%. There have been more than 1000 charity scam reports since the beginning of this year.

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Julia Gillard and those Military Funerals

While sitting in on 24 soldier funerals did Gillard ask herself the same question, in substance, “is it worth it?”. No doubt each time she would have given herself the same answer “yes”.

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War crimes in Afghanistan: where will justice fall?

One year out from the 20th anniversary of the start of the Australian occupation of Afghanistan, a report is about to explode like a cluster bomb, showering shrapnel of guilt, denial, blame and even deep sorrow.

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A Tale of Two Prosthetic Legs: Panel Beating History at the Australian War Memorial

Visitors to the Afghanistan: The Australian Story exhibition are offered a theme park experience. Symbols, slogans, and sensations. Hop on an emotional rollercoaster and spin round corners to vicariously witness an ambush.

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Sipping champagne with the arms dealers

The Australian War Memorial is mutating from the keeper of the flame to the hider of the shame.

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