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The Tamed Estate – cover-up of the Queen‘s role in the Dismissal by the National Archives and The Australian

The release of the Palace letters was pure theatre. Every element was meticulously stage-managed: the set, the props, the narrative. (From the Palace Letters pp 168-172)

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Tamed Estate: stop the presses; the Prime Minister took a barre class!

No holds barred? Kid-glove treatment for the Prime Minister, climate change denial, Murdoch media appears desperate and breaches of hotel quarantine.

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Tamed estate: “And on the second day, he said: ‘Let it be forgotten,’ and it was.”

The federal Coalition’s PR team clearly forgot the Streisand effect: the phenomenon whereby attempts to suppress information lead to far greater exposure than the information would have generated intrinsically.

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Tamed estate: Australian media conservatives applaud Trump’s ‘victory’

Two former Australian prime ministers have joined forces to speak out against the power of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire, calling for a royal commission. But why do they have so much power anyway, when they get it so spectacularly wrong, … Continue reading

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Premier kept his side of the bargain but the media didn’t want to know

An easing of restrictions in Victoria was predicated on two criteria: a rolling 14-day average of fewer than five cases per day; and fewer than five mystery cases over the preceding two weeks.

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Tamed estate: ‘no holes in Gladys’ story’ … give or take 152 moments of amnesia

The Premier then went on 2GB to discuss with shock jock Kyle Sandilands her relationship. Not a sentence I thought I would ever write. This one doesn’t really require further elaboration.

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Tamed Estate: Poor Gladys

Last week in the Tamed Estate, ICAC’s inquiry into former politician Daryl Maguire whose revelations about NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian completely overshadowed Kevin Rudd’s spectacular petition to set up a royal commission into the Murdoch press. Also, international propaganda efforts … Continue reading

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Tamed Estate: Budget Week

This week has been dominated by the budget. And that means the traditional pre-budget leaks dutifully reported by the media. These were followed by post-budget revelations that the budget announcement was full of already announced measures. 

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Tamed Estate: Albanese follows Morrison’s lead

This week we see that Albanese is following in Morrison’s footsteps, with Morrison following the same path as usual. Meanwhile, Frydenberg is refining his dark arts, with Thursday night’s drops receiving no critical coverage. We also have a brief look … Continue reading

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Tamed Estate: Low Emissions, Insolvency Reforms, Responsible Lending and NBN Privatisation

Following on from the opener to the Tamed Estate released in both Michael West Media and Pearls and Irritations, we will be conducting a rolling watch for media failures and manipulations.

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